Café Opera Golf´s fadderbarn

Genom åren har vi i Café Opera Golf haft glädjen att få haft många fadderbarn under våra vingar. Vi har fått veta från PLAN att vårt senaste fadderbarn, Laycha Paulina Fenly har flyttat till ett område där PLAN International inte har någon verksamhet. Vi har fått ett nytt fadderbarn från PLAN International som heter Sheily - Vanesa Lopez Reyes och kommer från Guatemala. Sheily - Vanesa är född den 16 mars 2004 och bor i ett område som heter Baja Verapaz. Hon går i grundskolan, har fått grundläggande vaccinationer och har inte haft några allvarliga sjukdomar. Hennes storasyster heter Marlyn.

Välkommen till vårt nya fadderbarn, Sheily - Vanesa Lopez Reyes.

Hi Mr. Bronz: First, I want to thank you very much for the letter you sent.  I thank you to remember my birthday.  As the same time, I tell you that it was a nice day because I shared with my family and friends who were with me in this special and important day for me.  As the same time, I want to tell you that I am studying the first year for being an Intercultural and Bilingual Teacher.  I already told you a little bit about me. It was a pleasure to greet you and I wish many blessings to your family and you.  Sheily Vanesa Lopez Reyes 

Vi har fått ett brev från vårt fadderbarn Sheily Vanesa :)  

Sponsored Child: Sheily Vanessa Lopez Reyes 3015-333061248
Date March 13th , 2021
Dear Mr. Bronz, hello, Sheily is cordially greeting you, I am happy to receive a letter and to know that you are fine and that you remind me. I want to tell you that I recently had a birthday and I am so happy and I feel blissful to share my happiness with my family, actually I am in the sixth grade of teacher training for infant education, and it makes me so happy that soon I will complete one of my goals. I would like to know more about you, how have you been? I hope to have news from you soon and Sheily Vanessa Lopez Reyes is saying good bye to you, cordially greetings through the distance.
Letter Written by: Sheily Vanessa Lopez Reyes

(Jag har skrivit tillbaka 2021-04-17 )

Brev från Sheily Vanessa Lopez Reyes

Date: June, 2021

Hello Mr. Bronz!

I am glad to be able to hear from you and your family again, and that you are fine. So also in the same way, I tell you that my family and I are protecting ourselves a lot, with regard to health, which is why today it affects the whole world. This way, I thank you for you good wishes. I tell you that my goals and my dreams are several, and in my life´s plans are to be able to achieve these ones of the best way.

It is a pleasure for me to hear from you and your family again! Kind regards and a big hug for you! Your sponsored child tells you good-bye!


Letter written by: Sheily Vanesa Lopez Reyes